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Academy Laundry Services specializes in the cleaning, sanitizing, and pressing of cubicle curtains.

We do all of the work for you. We take down the curtains; launder according to the CDC Guidelines for Laundry in Health Care Facilities utilizing a highly concentrated liquid fabric sanitizer, which leaves behind a finish that is both self-sanitizing and bacteriostatic and continually eliminates 99.9% of infectious bacteria. We then press the curtains on our state of the art double sided ironer. Your curtains are restored to manufacturer’s standards and re-hung in your facility.

Academy Laundry will provide a certificate of cleaning and sanitizing for your inspector. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our uniformed trained staff is ready to serve you. We adhere to all OSHA and HIPPA compliance guidelines.

Call Doug today at 215-778-7046 to schedule an appointment.

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